Insurance accepted (in-network)

  • Medicare Part B

  • Empire BlueCross Blue Shield

  • Humana Medicare Advantage

No referral required

You should be under the care of a physician, podiatrist or nurse practitioner as Medicare requires they certify the physical therapy plan of care within 30 days of the initial visit.

Private pay

$100 per visit

No referral required.  We provide an invoice to submit to your insurance company as needed.

You have questions - I have answers

May I see a physical therapist directly without a referral from a doctor?

Yes.  According to New York state law, a physical therapist with three years of experience may treat a patient without a referral for 10 visits or 30 days, whichever comes first. However, your health plan or insurer may not cover physical therapy without a referral from a physician, dentist, podiatrist, or nurse practitioner.

Does my insurance cover physical therapy visits in the home?

Medicare (Part B) and some other insurance plans cover physical therapy visits in the home. You don't need to be homebound to receive this benefit.  See blog.

Does my health care provider need to accept or be in-network with my Medicare supplement or Medigap insurance plan?

No.  Network rules do not apply to Medicare supplement or Medigap insurance plans.  These plans coordinate payment of services with Medicare, as long as the provider accepts Medicare.

Why should I opt for physical therapy in my home instead of at a facility?

  • Convenient

  • Effective (see blog)

  • One on one care every visit

  • Same cost

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