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Home physical therapy, a safe and effective option

August 31, 2020

home physical therapy

People may fear having physical therapy, as interacting with others increases the risk of COVID-19 transmission. As with any treatment option, weigh the risks and benefits to determine the appropriate course of action. Home physical therapy is as effective as physical therapy in a clinic and overall benefits include:

  • Fall prevention
  • Improved balance, mobility, and movement
  • Pain reduction
  • Quicker recovery from injury
  • Management of chronic conditions, such as Parkinson’s

The risk of COVID-19 transmission reduces greatly by wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, and maintaining a safe distance (six feet apart). Evidence shows wearing a mask helps prevent people infected with COVID-19 from transmitting the virus. For example, in late May, two hairstylists in Missouri had close contact with 140 clients while sick with COVID-19. Everyone wore a mask and none of the clients tested positive. Maintaining a safe distance may not always be possible during a physical therapy session. As such, the combination of mask wearing, and hand washing becomes even more important to create a safe environment. In this article, George Rutherford, MD, an epidemiologist recommends people always wear masks and socially distance, but thinks mask wearing is more important.

A home physical therapy session, accompanied by protective measures of mask wearing, hand washing, and safe distancing, is a safe and effective treatment option.

Manju Thomas

Written by Manju Thomas who lives and works in New York. Follow her on LinkedIn.