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Relieve your arthritic pain with exercise

October 12, 2020

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A client of mine complains of terrible arthritis in her knees. She uses a cane, and does not qualify for total knee replacements because of her pre-existing conditions. She also does not like to move because of the pain, preferring to sit as she finds this position most comfortable. I encourage her to walk, and stretch and strengthen her muscles, but she finds little motivation because of pain. According to Harvard health, lack of exercise contributes to the development of knee osteoarthritis, pain makes a person avoid exercise, and avoiding exercise makes arthritis worse. Exercise breaks this cycle. Light to moderate exercise slows arthritis disease progression, and reduces pain. Manage arthritis and maintain mobility with a combination of aerobic, functional strengthening, stretching, and balance exercises. Follow these arthritis exercise programs or contact us for a tailored program.

Manju Thomas

Written by Manju Thomas who lives and works in New York. Follow her on LinkedIn.